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It always surprises me the differing attitudes that some owners have when it comes to smaller parties wanting a larger property. I sometimes see annoyance in owners’ comments saying, or implying, these guests are wasting their time, Why? I know from my own experience, before I owned a villa myself, my wife and I used to stay in nothing less than a 4 bedroom property. We like the extra space and there are a lot of other people out there that feel the same and are completely willing to pay the extra cost for the privilege.

My advice to owners of larger properties is to treat the parties of 2, 3 etc just the same as larger groups and quote your rates, you may be surprised at the response.



One other point that I think is very important. By having this State Licence, it gives you the protection for on the spot Sheriff’s Office protection. That’s because the licence itself is exactly the same one that is used by motels and if you need to evict someone for misuse of your property or outstaying their time in your home, you can call upon the Sheriff to evict them, whatever time of day, man woman or child. One thing to remember is the Sheriff’s Department say you must have the vacation rental lodging license, to show them or else it is no good. So for those owners out there that do not have a State Licence, be warned, if you ever need to evict someone from your rental property and do not have it, you are in for a world of pain to get them out.